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Monday, May 6, 2013

Results Based Community Planning and Welcome to LCSA - Local Community Services Association 05/07/2013

  • Results Based Community Planning implements RBA™ population accountability within a local community. It is …..- Working with a cross section of members of a local community (eg Maitland or Coonamble)- To decide what are the big picture results or outcomes they want for their local community (eg People Belong and are Connected to their Community)- Then work out how they would measure if they had achieved that result (eg Percentage of People with an Effective Neighbourhood Network)- To consider what factors effect that measure and how the local community is going against that measure at the moment- And brainstorm potential partners and potential strategies that could be undertaken to “improve” this measure (eg increase the percentage of people with an effective neighbourhood network)- With some of the strategies having to be Low Cost or No Cost, and some of them Off the Wall because who knows what just might be possible!!- And it is not just about planning, but then getting on and doing it!
  • The Local Community Services Association (LCSA) is the peak body for Neighbourhood Centres in NSW. Formed in 1974 LCSA supports its members' focus on social inclusion and all facets of community development through resources, networking and advocacy.

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