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Friday, June 16, 2017

New Community Paradigms Wiki update for Community Financing

The next update to the New Community Paradigms Wiki is on Community Financing which is considered a wiki bridge between Economics and Governance.

Chicago Community Loan Fund (CCLF) was originally conceived as a bridge between people who wanted to put their money to work "in their own backyard" and nonprofit organizations that serve low-wealth families and communities who need those dollars most. The mission of the Chicago Community Loan Fund is to provide flexible, affordable and responsible financing and technical assistance for community stabilization and development efforts and initiatives that benefit low- to moderate-income neighborhoods, families and individuals throughout metropolitan Chicago.
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Grassroots Grantmakers is a network of place-based funders in the United States and Canada who are working from a “we begin with residents” perspective – supporting active citizenship and building civic capacity at the block level in their communities with scale-appropriate grants, a highly relational style of grantmaking, and a learning orientation. Funders in our network are working to strengthen resident-controlled associations, and help people that come together because of a shared interest in improving their block, their neighborhood, or their community to be a stronger voice for change and community vitality.
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15 Key Metrics for Evaluating Participatory Budgeting: A Toolkit for Evaluators and Implementers - >Register at

We are a nonpartisan research and policy institute. We pursue federal and state policies designed both to reduce poverty and inequality and t o restore fiscal responsibility in equitable and effective ways. We apply our deep expertise in budget and tax issues and in programs and policies that help low-income people, in order to help inform debates and achieve better policy outcomes.

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